Company Profile


The flag ship company Sky Heights started with a mission to provide affordable and quality housing to the society in the city walls and outside the city realms. The projects executed were well within time and appreciated by the clients and competition. The group witnessed growing influence with investors from Middle east, Africa, China and Brazil investors. The interaction led to some fruitful deals and opportunities were explored between the various continents. The company decided to establish a TRADE HOUSE to engage in the live opportunities that lay between the countries. Relying on the credible trade and political connections the promoters thought of establishing an exclusive and aggressive trade house with well integrated supply chain and willing buyers. The company decided to walk a safe strategy of establishing itself in various countries where it wanted to do business and to spread the risk opted for a product lines ranging from food to cattle feed to petrochemicals. The company rechristened its branch in the name of SUFI INTERNATIONAL P. LTD. in the year 2012 and started scouting for associates and understanding the culture and business needs of various countries. Having entrenched in the minds of the clients company started establishing itself or take over existing companies to grown inorganically besides looking for a large scope to grow organically. The promoters took over an existing company with a track record in Dubai in the name of New Antares (LLC) in Dubai and an off shore company in RAK by name Sufi Trade Links Ltd. This gave company a strong footing in UAE.

Vision – To arbitrage on the strength of credible wide network and technology access to provide value for money to all clients in form of quality produce, trade merchandise and consultation services.

Business – The Company aspires to establish privilege trade relations in various countries to market goods like

  1. Petrochemicals: Fossil fuels (Naptha, Mazut, pet coke), bitumen 60/70, Methanol, granulated sulphur, etc.
  2. Non Inflammable textile for people working in places susceptible to fire / heat / explosives
  3. Micro toppings to give fast finishing to the floor work indoor and outdoors.
  4. Food for human consumption: Cereals (Wheat, Rice, etc.), Sea food (Fishes and Prawns)
  5. Cattle feed (Soya meal, Corn meal, Guar meal etc.),
  6. Enzymes to improve cattle productivity.
  7. Organic fertilizer to improve farm productivity.
  8. Hydrodynamic magnetic resonance technology products for water treatment.

Projects – The company aspires for the following:

  1. The company aspires to take up 100,000 ha of land under cultivation through its associate in Iran. Talks with various state governments are in advanced stage and the initiation should take shape in 2014.
  2. The company has been invited by investors in Uganda, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Iran, Kazakhstan, Iraq to take up plantations on large scale to provide food to the teeming millions. The increasing food consumption and green house effect has taken its toll on the farm productivity and the conventional chemicals farming has impeded the productivity and measures to improve through organic means.
  3. The company is expanding its wings in the Aquaculture and has initiated a fresh water shrimp farm in Gujarat. The pilot project will later see getting reflected into large scale high value fish and prawns for the EU and Middle East markets.